Thursday, 20 March 2008

Free SxSw mp3s, ace new LPs in & more

Were you one of the lucky soldiers that got into the Mystery Jets instore? It was a pretty hectic evening, with so many people turning up that we decided to host two gigs! The band kindly agreed to the two-show format, well they did after they said they wouldn’t be getting their tea and milk unless they played a second time. What an evening, and now you can either recapture the magic of that night or pretend you were there all along with the help of a Mystery Jets Instore DVD! How do I get one, you bleat with all the ferocity of a sheep being shaved of its lovely warm fur? Well, you buy a copy of their ace as spades new album 21 and we’ll bung one in gratis!

We are stilll baking the Mystery Jets DVD cookie in the Pure Groove video oven. but our videos look like this:


So we’ve established you like free stuff, most people do. So how about you get hold of a zero costing Foals artprint, done by Tinhead, the brains behind the band’s visuals. Taking time out from starring in the Wizard Of Oz, he’s given us 100 lmiited prints to give away with the first century of souls to snap up the simply bomb-like Antidotes long player. It’s on three formats, each packed with a brilliantly energetic selection of dancefloor explosives. Like Tortoise jamming with Fela Kuti and Four Tet on knob twiddling duties – it’s packed with taut grooves, massive breakdowns and enough experimental vibes to keep the Wire readers happy.

Right, now for some free stuff. Supergrass came and played in our shop. In fact, that’s a lie, Supergrass didn’t… Diamond Hoo Ha Men did. Supergrass never played…. Nudge nudge wink wink… Anyway, had Supergrass played in the shop, we would have filmed it all and made it into a DVD and given it away with the new Supergrass album, which is called er… Diamond Hoo Ha Men... Imagine if we had done that – that would have been fab! Nudge nudge…

Poney Poney are one of the next wave of French pop bands, taking the pop charm of Phoenix and melding it with the distorted compressed electro-disco of Justice. And funnily enough, on Cross The Fader, Xavier from the latter shows his production nous once again with this ace dancefloor machine. Loads of compressed bass and tight fills, it's wonderful. Nice remixes too.


Also out… Erol Alkan-produced new single Century from Long Blondes, the Whip unveil their debut long player, and Stardeath And White Dwarfs’ pop psychadelic gem Toast And Marmalade For Tea comes with a cover featuring Flaming Lips artwork.

Free SxSw downloads are now in place at

Have a goooood looooong weekend!

PG Tips.

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