Friday, 29 February 2008

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Apologies for all those that wanted a copy of the Ting Tings single. We tried to get more, but we literally got sent a handful that were shipped out to the fastest orderers. It was out of our hands we’re afraid. :(

The Cazals pop into the shop on Monday for an instore – they’ll be here at 6.30 to play a set and sign copies of their new single Life Is Boring, which is out on 12” and 7”.
Pete & The Pirates instore from yesterday:

Hatcham Social have been playing round London for some time, and they’ve had a few fine singles out. But it really feels like they’ve really hit their stride now, and the release of this frankly wonderful record is a real signal of intent. Sounding like vintage Postcard Records but bolstered with a grittier edge courtesy of Horrors man Faris, who puts on the production jacket for this, So So Happy Making is going to be everywhere soon. Limited copies which’ll be gone pretty shortly, so how about Hatcham a plan to get one in your shopping basket?

Operator Please arrived to play at Pure Groove last week. When they arrived we almost called the Missing Children helpline, so sprightly faced do these young Aussie whipper snappers look! But once we’d realised they were no Dickensian street urchins but in fact the hottest new sugar fuelled pop band since CSS, we laughed out loud and helped plug their guitars in. And what a racket they create – all tight riffs, punched out with splashes of violin and Amandah (note the ‘h’ – don’t DARE say her name without it!) screaming her lungs out. It was quite a session, and we kindly got em to sign the many, many copies of their latest single Get What You Want! Move fast! Single of the week, y’know?

DFA follows its incredible 2007 with more good vibes, launching a quadruple header in the coming weeks, all of which are going to become ubiquitous disco soundscapes. Firstly, there’s Shocking Pinks' Cutout, remixed into one of the most heart-stopping grooves you could ever imagine by Tussle’s new side project, Expanding Head Band. Nathan Fake and Echospace also join in for this double 12” On its tail follows Juan Maclean's multicoloured old-skool single Happy House. Perhaps best of all, the newie from Hercules and Love Affair, who rope in Antony Hegarty for the irresistibly tops-off and supremely uplifting Blind. We’ve just heard the Hercules album, and it’s absolutely wonderful. After 2007, when dance music seems to have become obsessed with the grind and the shuddering basslines, it’s nice to have a bit of glamour and sleaze back in the grooves.

MGMT are everywhere at the moment. We turn on Jools Holland, we see them bopping away. We listen to John Kennedy, they’re in japing with XFM’s stripey jumpered new music guru. We head out onto our allotment to take home our fine supersized organic mushrooms we’ve been growing, and blimmin’ MGMT have been there since 8am cultivating their leeks and turnips. Anyway, their album is already proving to be one of 2007’s most popular cuts in Pure Groove, and now lead single Time To Pretend is out to transform them from cult heroes and part-time soup-makers into global superstars. Can’t be long before Kate Moss is sniffing… *

* - although that might be the fine whiff of their tasty broth.


Album of the week time!Lykke Li is one of our favourite new artists of recent months and we’re delighted to have her sparkling new album in stock. Unfortunately it only arrived in the shop a mere minute or two before the blog was put to bed, so no bad puns, funny gags or cheap Youtube footage until next week! Check our myspace for a sample of the album. Buy it here.

One of the hottest bands in town are The Shoes. Now the record is out soon but they have a special party next Saturday and WE HAVE TICKETS. We partly love this band because their impeccably produced dancefloor magic make us want to strip off and jump around with no fear, and partly because they offer such magnificent pun opportunities. Here’re five for starters. Sole music that will be clogging up the airwaves soon, The Shoes are going to be sticking the boot in to the competition with their polished beats. Hold on, that’s only four! Damn, couldn’t think of any more, we better slipper way before we get lynched… Anyway, catch them, along with loads of other goodies at Barfly next weekend. Click here to snap em up.

Buy yr mum a pressie here.
You know she loves that Lets Wrestle record......

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