Friday, 8 February 2008

Pure Groove BLOGiTORIAL love-up.

Instore frenzy in Archway this week! We have Duke Spirit (more on this below), Lovvers on Monday 11th Feb, and Operator Please on Friday 15th Feb. Come down and bathe in the joy of free music at the Pure Groove!

Local heroes Duke Spirit arrive for a fabulous and exclusive instore to promote their new long player Neptune, which is a leap forward from their debut. We love this band, and as a special treat for their favourite shop, they kindly put together an exclusive mixtape to giveaway with the album. And like it’s some imaginary poker battle, we took their kind kind gift and raised them an instore DVD to add to the bundle. But the real winner is you, for you get the whole caboodle. £10 stake required however....
See you here tomorrow (Sat 9th Feb) 6pm.

Single of the week time! This is one to whet your appetite – a new band with a massive bite ready to eat up the competition. The Mouth have the key ingredients of a mighty rock’n’roll prospect – massive sound, bags of swagger and songs referencing streets full of pharmaceuticals, in this case Cocaine Lane, which we looked up on Google Maps. Couldn’t find it. In the wrong hands this could sound like the kind of annoying pub rock shambles that can ruin many a quiet Friday drink in the local, but these boys thankfully are all Mouth and all trousers. Good god, we can’t believe we just wrote that. Forgive us father!

It’s been a good few months for greasy men oiled up and jumping on each other for the crowd’s entertainment. But enough of our recent prison-themed parties... We’re talking the rebirth of wrestling! First Greco Roman launched a label with fab artwork featuring an ‘international sonic wrestler’ and a clubnight featuring a live wrestling ring! Second, Hot Chip dedicating a whole song on their recent album to it, called er… Wrestling. But local spandex crew Let’s Wrestle have piledrived the lot of them by naming their whole band after said event! Their debut mini long-player is our album of the week, and it’s something of a corker! Six tracks of riduclous, lo-fi punk with lashings of good times melodic pop fun, it’s as joyous as it is amusing. It may be wrestling, but it ain’t ropey… Sorry, we’ll get our leotards…

Check out a Let's Wrestle supercool lo-fi video:

Laura Marling’s album has been keeping us sane all week, it really is quite lovely. Two editions of this – normal CD version that comes in a CD box and contains a CD and CD sized paper inlay. Plays on CD players. Then there’s a beautiful box-set edition, that contains the normal CD version (that comes in a CD box etc etc) as well as a gig ticket, artwork and wee Laura herself, folded up like the gymnast in Oceans Eleven, who pops out and plays Ghosts for you and your family. Note: she doesn’t really. A gentle artist, one who quite clearly takes her craft extremely seriously, and at 17 years old we reckon she might well be the most significant musical find of the last 12 months.

Have you heard the Adam Kesher EP? It's totally frickin ace yknow? This is a four track EP of the purest, scratchiest, heartiest, loveliest indie-dancefloor action you’re likely to find. It’s on Lost in Paris it arrives on a big black disc of good vibes and basically it’s essential if you’re a fan of fun. Which most of us are. Grab it from us if you havnt already snapped one of those hot puppies up! Have a listen here.


ps- Check out a little snippet of the School Of Language instore:

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