Friday, 1 February 2008

BLOGiTORIAL Pancake Week!

Pancakes, records, its all the same to us.

We’re not lion to you, this is one of the most exciting new acts of 2008. Super talented singer/producer Primary 1 celebrates his recent signing to Atlantic with a one-off single on Erol Alkan’s wonderful Phantasy Sounds, and Hold Me Down is a perfect slice of tight-leather trousered sleaze-funk that remains all the groove and charm of classic 80s boogie productions without sounding like backing music for The Wedding Singer. Backed with a cracking mix from hotly tipped The Shoes (check their debut single to pre-order on the Pure Groove site) and a couple of rubs from Yuksek.

No video for this song, so instead we have Horace's 1st year in primary school:


Right, they’re currently getting more press coverage than even Kevin Keegan, so not much can be said for Hot Chip’s newie Made In The Dark other than we’ve listened to it about a million times in the last week, and we can safely assure you that it’s a truly special record. It does take its time to absorb – the mix of influences is vast, often in one song, from soca carnival grooves to insane rave stabs, and the kaleidoscope of sounds can be a little too much on the first few listens. But they’re a band that isn’t just making a pop record that’ll sit nicely in the moment then vanish by summer, so give it your time and love. We’ve a free massive art print and a free copy of the album to the person who can give us the best thing that can be Made In The Dark. Send your answer to


MGMT (pronounced management) are currently doing big business in the States, and they’re certainly thinking outside the box with this diverse selection. Their creative team has melded a smidgeon of glam, a touch of 80s epic productions, and a love of the Stones, their finance team has brought in Dave Friedman to produce, and their distribution department has shipped these over to us from the States. Another from the never-ending line of fine New York bands; this empire is sure to expand across the globe in coming months.

We’re not going to milk the puns for this one, but it’s worth shelling out the bounty for Coconut Records, the musical project of one Jason Schwartzman, yup, Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew and star of Darjeeling Limited. So this Mr Tea has made a record huh? It’s got to be easy to line up and have a pop at this – he’s great looking, he’s the regular in Wes Anderson’s movies, and now he thinks he can make an album? Yeah, but then you check it out and realise it’s actually really good – especially as he used to be in Phantom Planet! Some tracks sound like Phoenix, some sound like Weezer, and it’s all sounding rather lovely.


We mentioned this a few weeks ago but we now have some even better news! Everyone that buys a ticket from Pure Groove will be entered into a draw for one lucky sod to win a pile of Modular goodies, including threads and records! That’s threads, not threats – the winner won’t get a selection of heavy breathing phonecalls, but they will get some nice clothes. Here’s the blurb again! Ever fancied sharing a hot tub with Herve, or doing a few lengths with WhoMadeWho? Or maybe you prefer your nightclubs to just have a sweaty floor full of people too attractive to possibly be real and loud woofers? Well, whatever you’re into, we suggest you get to the first Modular special party of 2008 at The Aquarium near Old Street tube in London. It’s on Feb 8th, it’ll be a late one and it has live bands and plenty of DJs… plus the venue has a swimming pool and hot tub! Quite how clean the water will be once 500 sweaty nutbags jump in after moshing around to Primary 1 live is open to question but hey, hygiene can easily be brushed aside in the pursuit of hedonism.


In other news, xx Teens have a new video:

and thats it!
We are off out. x

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