Friday, 18 January 2008

PG BLOGiTORIAL TIME! 2008 Issue #2

It’s always a warm feeling when you open up a package mailed to us, expecting it to be DJ Dirty with a new promo of his track Dirty Beatz 4 Dirty Mindz (sic) which you’re all ready to donate to the bin, and it’s actually some DIY lo-fi recording from a band you’ve never heard of that you stick on and turns out to be absolutely fantastic. Hot Damn, that’s a great feeling. This is what happened this week, when a slender mailer arrived featuring a mini album from Brighton-based er… Hot Damn. It’s only £4, has four tracks on it, and is a joy – featuring all manner of Tortoise-esque post-rock twiddlings and oddball grooves. A treat. Get it here.

One More Grain’s new single is probably our most played in-shop track of the week; one of those nuggets that’s quite unlike anything you’ve heard for a while. With a nod to Arab Strap, The Fall, and er… Cinematic Orchestra (?!) it’s a bizarrely orated vocal sat aplomb a bed of beautifully warm drum ‘n’ brass (or jazz as it’s often known…) and it’s quite the treat. One listen and it’ll be lodged in your head. White Heat comes up trumps again. Grab it now.

Oh how we love Noah & The Whale!! We want them as an in-house band, playing at our whim daily, narrating our life. A reality that’s much similar to our dream awaits YOU; if you download these songs you can put them in your pocket like a mini-Noah & The Whale! This WILL improve your life.*

This comes with an EXCLUSIVE FREE TRACK (when you buy the bundle) ONLY FROM PURE GROOVE!! (only available from Monday).
We've got more than two copies coming onto this ark, in fact we've got loads! We're having a whale of a time listening to it! You'll sea what we mean....

Go to our myspace for a preview!

And download that bundle from Monday.

At Christmas time, we had some gigs in the ship, which we wittily called the Festive-Al. It was fantastic, and we’ll be doing it again in 11 months time. One of the bestest shows was the magnificent Domino night with Puregroove faves Lightspeed Champion and Eugene Mcguiness. Then Emmy The Great and Jeremy Warmsley played too! Lightspeed is the latest from this prodigious bunch to unveil an album, and it’s a whopper. Beautifully bleak lyrics, a fine selection of songs, and guest stars including Emmy – all good. Get yer mitts on it.

Don't forget this it TOMORROW:

Click it for event page.

It's a 1st come 1st serve basis, and the shop is small: You do the maths!
We are not monkeying around. This is going to go ape. Gorilla gig anyone!?!?

Out on 7” and 12”, Das Pop’s newie Fool For Love is the best thing out of Belgium since Soulwax, who are here producing their pals! The bigger disc has remixes from hot stuff Sebastian and Yuksek, the former being an absolute peach – all orchestral swayings and mucky French compressed house joy. The smaller sibling contains just the pop gem of the original and another little tune. All is fool of love when you hear this.
At the moment there’s no need to cry over Spilt Milk as we’ve still got copies of their winning seven inch in stock! A tune that skims past-your-eyes (skimmed… pasteurised, geddit?) in a blur of pure-pop goodness, it’s been lighting up the shop in these dark, winter nights. Like Los Campesinos and such masterful twee moments? But while it’s twee, this Milk certainly isn’t cheesy. You’ll love this dairy.

Also in… the lovely new single from Cass McCombs, the Love Is All remix album that features Optimo and Metronomy on knob twiddling duties among others, the new Toddla T single with more bottom-end than J-Lo and also features the best Count Of Monte Crystal and Sinden remix in ages, the new Kitsune compilation is rather wonderful and features all manner of exclusives, the Adele single you’re no doubt aware of, and the Cat Power album is a collection of lovely cover versions. Check it all here.

Love from Pure Groove. x

[ *We cannot guarantee your life will improve, only your record collection. The rest is up to you mate. ]

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