Friday, 25 January 2008


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Album of the week comes in the shape of Steve Aoki’s amazing mixtape. Now you might not know who said spinner is but he’s the man behind the US label Dim Mak, the home of Whitey, Bloc Party, Klaxons and many more. It’s packed with more indie-electro smashers than is probably healthy – so far, so blogasphere-saturated run of the mill fodder. But Mr Aoki is a connected man and has managed to rope Uffie, Spank Rock, Kid Sister and many more to MC, sing, toast and generally misbehave over the top, making this a unique party slice of right now.

Check out a cheeky little vid:

The bell rings and it’s single of the week time! High ‘spirits’ for sure, for Laura Marling’s Ghosts is a record that is so extraordinarily good that it takes some time after the wee seven inch stops playing to fully return to normal. It makes us a bit weepy, in a good way, and we find we seem to be returning to it every second or third rotation in the shop, pulled in by its hypnotic charms. Looks nice too, as all her records have so far – no naff black and white snapshots here. A gentle artist, one who quite clearly takes her craft extremely seriously, and at 17 years old we reckon she might well be the most significant musical find of the last 12 months. Can’t wait for the album.

Adam Kesher is an unusual fella. Primarily because he’s actually several men, not just one. Yup, the most confusing band name since Keith doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a four track EP of the purest, scratchiest, heartiest, loveliest indie-dancefloor action you’re likely to find. It’s on Lost in Paris (although we doubt this gang get stuck in the City of Light too often – seeing as they’re from there!) it arrives on a big black disc of good vibes and basically it’s essential if you’re a fan of fun. Which most of us are.
(Like these kids:)

Also out in the long player game are the eagerly awaited debuts from These New Puritans and Vampire Weekend. The first comes packaged like an episode from Stargate, what with oddball number patterns and artwork that’s a little bit Aztec, but also a bit science fiction… "What’s your favourite number, what does it mean?" The band ask this on er… Numbers. And there’s a free copy of the album to the best answer to this question sent to

Vampire Weekend’s debut album takes a few listens (and good grief we’ve worn the CD player out) but it’s a mesmerising journey through four brainacs’ expansive record collections. Highlife flourishes collide with moments of ska and Tudorian string signatures – it basically should be the worst record ever made. Instead, it’s a kaleidoscope of musical influences that’s quite simply a joy from start to finish.

A-Punk Video directed by Hammer and Tongs!

Also out…

Hot Chip shape up for their amazing new album – we just heard it this week and it really is quite wonderful – with Ready For The Floor, Adele unveils her debut album straight after her single crashes the top five, Cobra Dukes release their second 12 with remixes from Optimo and hotly tipped Aeroplane, Yuksek unveils his latest EP showing he’s no one trick electro pony with a trio of future funk whoppers, Mai Shi show why they’re the most exciting American band since… er Vampire Weekend with their excellent Run To The Grave single, and Institubes is back with the latest Bobmo 10”.


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