Monday, 28 July 2008

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Friday, 9 May 2008

SXSW Part Deux!

Or here for a lower def version!

Got to love that dude at the end. Does he say something about a phone? We should have kidnapped him and made him the presenter. Forever.

"Don't Mess With PGTV"

Saturday, 3 May 2008

SxSw Recap.

As its nearly festival season, we thought we'd show you the best bits of the SxSw Festival in Texas this year. Brought to you by Pure Groove new music-telebox-broadcast, PGTV.

Part 2 coming soon to a screen near you.......

"Don't mess with PGTV" x

Friday, 11 April 2008

The Death Set

The Death Set live for us:

PGTV is here.

So The Death Set played our new Pure Groove Live night last night, and while their Marmite beats might annoy as many as they please, you can’t argue with the sheer frenetic passion that they bring to the party. And anyway, if you don’t like ‘em you need to take your hands out your pockets and get involved! The band layers amphetimene-punk, Gameboy bleeps and massive pop melodies with lashings of booty shaking samples, and their already sizeable fanbase were more than happy to lose the plot completely to it down the front....

We got the band to sign copies of their amazing album for you! Yay! COMPETITION TIME – wanna win a signed CD? Well on the band’s myspace - they have a pic of them tickling a baby polar bear. So email with the animal you’d most like to tickle and why. Best answers win an album and shedloads of other stuff. We mean loads and loads.

Not so mental was the Blood Red Shoes instore as er… it didn’t happen. Due to technical hitches at their gig, they couldn’t make it in time so apologies for that. But the band have signed a pile of copies of their fab new album for us – which we’ll have next week. We’ve sold about half of them already so if you want a copy of the record with the pair’s doodlings all over it – then get on it buster.

We ordered in some copies of the debut album from Elle Milano. They got in on the exclusive vibe for us – doing a mixtape of some real groovy bits. Did we say groovy? Shit. Sorry about that. To carry on this imaginary game of freebie poker, we upped the stakes by adding in a free copy of their debut single on 10”. Swearing For Art Students it is called and mighty nice it looks too. They then baked us a cake which we ate rapidly. Well, they didn’t actually so if you’re reading this guys – we’re HUNGRY!

Oh and if you want one of these White Stripes doing Spanish 7s, you should also move fast as we’re down to the last few copies… Oh and Justice have two things out this week – the mega DVNO remixes are out and they ‘executive produce’ the new Midfield General single Disco Sirens. It sounds pretty much like a Justice track, all whompy compressed bass and the lass from the Bumblebeez screeching away. Whompy – a fine word that we’ve just invented.

Well you might well have heard but we’re moving shop in June to Farringdon – to here to be precise.

We’ll be detailing more about this amazingly exciting music/arts/live space in the coming month but part of the move involves closing our Archway shop down. This will happen on April 30th with special events to mark the sad day in the coming weeks.

We also have the following going on…

PURE GROOVE POP QUIZ 3 with special quizmaster Paul Putner (Little Britain). April 15th @ Slaughtered Lamb, Great Sutton Street, EC2A.

Upcoming Instores:
April 12th - GROVESNOR - single launch - 4pm
May 16th - JAY REATARD - 6.30pm – NOTE THE CHANGED DATE and check this -

Final Gigs In Archway For Pure Groove... ALL FREE! YES FREE!
April 17th - NOAH AND THE WHALE * - 6.30pm - Archway Library*
April 19th - SPECIAL GUESTS - 5pm - Archway Pool - bring your cozzie!
April 28th - YOUNG AND LOST NIGHT - 8pm - The Hideaway, Archway
* Tickets limited to 50 - one per person, available from Pure Groove Records on the day

Come get involved: - myspacefacebook group - youtube


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Free SxSw mp3s, ace new LPs in & more

Were you one of the lucky soldiers that got into the Mystery Jets instore? It was a pretty hectic evening, with so many people turning up that we decided to host two gigs! The band kindly agreed to the two-show format, well they did after they said they wouldn’t be getting their tea and milk unless they played a second time. What an evening, and now you can either recapture the magic of that night or pretend you were there all along with the help of a Mystery Jets Instore DVD! How do I get one, you bleat with all the ferocity of a sheep being shaved of its lovely warm fur? Well, you buy a copy of their ace as spades new album 21 and we’ll bung one in gratis!

We are stilll baking the Mystery Jets DVD cookie in the Pure Groove video oven. but our videos look like this:


So we’ve established you like free stuff, most people do. So how about you get hold of a zero costing Foals artprint, done by Tinhead, the brains behind the band’s visuals. Taking time out from starring in the Wizard Of Oz, he’s given us 100 lmiited prints to give away with the first century of souls to snap up the simply bomb-like Antidotes long player. It’s on three formats, each packed with a brilliantly energetic selection of dancefloor explosives. Like Tortoise jamming with Fela Kuti and Four Tet on knob twiddling duties – it’s packed with taut grooves, massive breakdowns and enough experimental vibes to keep the Wire readers happy.

Right, now for some free stuff. Supergrass came and played in our shop. In fact, that’s a lie, Supergrass didn’t… Diamond Hoo Ha Men did. Supergrass never played…. Nudge nudge wink wink… Anyway, had Supergrass played in the shop, we would have filmed it all and made it into a DVD and given it away with the new Supergrass album, which is called er… Diamond Hoo Ha Men... Imagine if we had done that – that would have been fab! Nudge nudge…

Poney Poney are one of the next wave of French pop bands, taking the pop charm of Phoenix and melding it with the distorted compressed electro-disco of Justice. And funnily enough, on Cross The Fader, Xavier from the latter shows his production nous once again with this ace dancefloor machine. Loads of compressed bass and tight fills, it's wonderful. Nice remixes too.


Also out… Erol Alkan-produced new single Century from Long Blondes, the Whip unveil their debut long player, and Stardeath And White Dwarfs’ pop psychadelic gem Toast And Marmalade For Tea comes with a cover featuring Flaming Lips artwork.

Free SxSw downloads are now in place at

Have a goooood looooong weekend!

PG Tips.

Friday, 29 February 2008

We Smoke Fags & more....

WE SMOKE FAGS : FREE DOWNLOAD - Right click and 'Save As'.
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Have a smoke of our news:

Apologies for all those that wanted a copy of the Ting Tings single. We tried to get more, but we literally got sent a handful that were shipped out to the fastest orderers. It was out of our hands we’re afraid. :(

The Cazals pop into the shop on Monday for an instore – they’ll be here at 6.30 to play a set and sign copies of their new single Life Is Boring, which is out on 12” and 7”.
Pete & The Pirates instore from yesterday:

Hatcham Social have been playing round London for some time, and they’ve had a few fine singles out. But it really feels like they’ve really hit their stride now, and the release of this frankly wonderful record is a real signal of intent. Sounding like vintage Postcard Records but bolstered with a grittier edge courtesy of Horrors man Faris, who puts on the production jacket for this, So So Happy Making is going to be everywhere soon. Limited copies which’ll be gone pretty shortly, so how about Hatcham a plan to get one in your shopping basket?

Operator Please arrived to play at Pure Groove last week. When they arrived we almost called the Missing Children helpline, so sprightly faced do these young Aussie whipper snappers look! But once we’d realised they were no Dickensian street urchins but in fact the hottest new sugar fuelled pop band since CSS, we laughed out loud and helped plug their guitars in. And what a racket they create – all tight riffs, punched out with splashes of violin and Amandah (note the ‘h’ – don’t DARE say her name without it!) screaming her lungs out. It was quite a session, and we kindly got em to sign the many, many copies of their latest single Get What You Want! Move fast! Single of the week, y’know?

DFA follows its incredible 2007 with more good vibes, launching a quadruple header in the coming weeks, all of which are going to become ubiquitous disco soundscapes. Firstly, there’s Shocking Pinks' Cutout, remixed into one of the most heart-stopping grooves you could ever imagine by Tussle’s new side project, Expanding Head Band. Nathan Fake and Echospace also join in for this double 12” On its tail follows Juan Maclean's multicoloured old-skool single Happy House. Perhaps best of all, the newie from Hercules and Love Affair, who rope in Antony Hegarty for the irresistibly tops-off and supremely uplifting Blind. We’ve just heard the Hercules album, and it’s absolutely wonderful. After 2007, when dance music seems to have become obsessed with the grind and the shuddering basslines, it’s nice to have a bit of glamour and sleaze back in the grooves.

MGMT are everywhere at the moment. We turn on Jools Holland, we see them bopping away. We listen to John Kennedy, they’re in japing with XFM’s stripey jumpered new music guru. We head out onto our allotment to take home our fine supersized organic mushrooms we’ve been growing, and blimmin’ MGMT have been there since 8am cultivating their leeks and turnips. Anyway, their album is already proving to be one of 2007’s most popular cuts in Pure Groove, and now lead single Time To Pretend is out to transform them from cult heroes and part-time soup-makers into global superstars. Can’t be long before Kate Moss is sniffing… *

* - although that might be the fine whiff of their tasty broth.


Album of the week time!Lykke Li is one of our favourite new artists of recent months and we’re delighted to have her sparkling new album in stock. Unfortunately it only arrived in the shop a mere minute or two before the blog was put to bed, so no bad puns, funny gags or cheap Youtube footage until next week! Check our myspace for a sample of the album. Buy it here.

One of the hottest bands in town are The Shoes. Now the record is out soon but they have a special party next Saturday and WE HAVE TICKETS. We partly love this band because their impeccably produced dancefloor magic make us want to strip off and jump around with no fear, and partly because they offer such magnificent pun opportunities. Here’re five for starters. Sole music that will be clogging up the airwaves soon, The Shoes are going to be sticking the boot in to the competition with their polished beats. Hold on, that’s only four! Damn, couldn’t think of any more, we better slipper way before we get lynched… Anyway, catch them, along with loads of other goodies at Barfly next weekend. Click here to snap em up.

Buy yr mum a pressie here.
You know she loves that Lets Wrestle record......

Friday, 22 February 2008

We Are Scientists

WE SMOKE FAGS : FREE DOWNLOAD - Right click and 'Save As'.

Please continue with our music blog:


So what else is going down in PG town?

Whitey’s first new single in 18 months has just arrived. You probably don’t need any more prose from us to whet your appetite so if you’ve already made the correct decision to snap up this wonderful EP then you can move on and you’ll get an extra 15 seconds to spend later this evening. Need convincing more? OK, well Made Of Night (Hot Chip were Made In The Dark… what’s with these guys revealing all their secrets?) features four tracks - primary number Sweetwords For The Sour is a monstrous floor shaker, Not You Again will be familiar to fans for it’s a new version of Nonstop, Made Of Night is an eerie shuddery cut, and Shaking On A String was recorded on a dictaphone in a hotel bathroom. Nice! Single of the week! available on download too!

Album of the week time! Sebastian Tellier is something of an enigma. Eccentric, colourful, confusing - for sure. But there’s no denying that when the man gets down on his electronic piano things, he can craft some of the most glorious orchestral space disco music the world (and the one Seb is from) has ever heard. Arpegiated synthlines bounce about a bed of twinkles, strums and bleeps, all produced by Daft Punk’s Guy Man. Yup, he’s stepped down from his pyramid just landed from Electroma to help his fellow Parisian brother out. What an album! And a free mixtape that Seb Tell has done just for us! You lucky people!

Some fine pre-order rumblings for you.Much like the little woman selling bootleg products from a Gola bag in your local pub - YOU WANT DVD? We have free ones to giveaway with Operator Please and Supergrass’s upcoming albums, featuring footage of their instore. YOU WANT MIXTAPES? OK, we’ve not heard that in our local… Anyway how about checking out Los Campesinos and The Teenagers, who’ve knocked up special sessions for us for their newies. Basically, if you want extra bits, come check us out.

Causing a splash are new Preston act Team Waterpolo. Diving in head first, this is no treading water indie schmindie - in fact, Letting Go is one of the best slices of groovy guitar funk we’ve heard in some time. No wonder they’re making waves, this limited 7” is a real keeper, and H2-O my god, it’s another bomb from Moshi Moshi. Our favourite new (arm) band, this’ll be all over the net soon, and it won’t cost you a mint. If you want more info - check Goggle!! Think you can do better? Best Team Waterpolo pun we’ve not used gets a pile of seven inch singles, including this one! Email with your answer.


Now this next release is very special indeed. Another UK exclusive for us from our wonderful pals at Arcade Mode, the self proclaimed Domino’s Pizza of Parisian audio excellence (with good reason too). If (like us) you keep your ear to the ground and hang with the coolest kids you’ll remember Jean Nipon & Orgasmic’s sneaky little promo Eurogirls compilation featuring some dope anonymous baille funk tracks last summer. Well them lovely boys and girls are back!

That’s right, Arcade Mode is putting out a mini series of Baltimore Club EPs, limited to 1000 and all hand-numbered by some poor work experience kid! Featuring tracks by Orgasmic and Bobmo from the Institubes crew alongside Round Table Knights, Kazey & Bulldog and DJ Tameil. Also check out the Arcade Mode t-shirts in stock now.

Thanks to all who came down to the quiz. (24 teams!!!) it was probably the most rock n roll quiz ever. Flaming quiz sheets and all. We even got told to turn the quiz down because there was a gig downstairs (?!?)

See our events for the next time....

Friday, 15 February 2008

Pure Groove: fingers on buzzers.

Any kind of band that makes Simon Cowell angry is one that wins our love. And Glasvegas are about as far away from an industry-moulded project as it’s possible to be. An accent so thick that the label might need to re-dub it for North American markets; beautifully widescreen yet utterly melancholy melodies, and lyrical content so dripping in pathos that you might need a handkerchief to listen to it. Not the boxes than many labels would tick in their search for the next big thing – but every imprint in the land is chasing them, and no wonder, for they’re the most beautiful new band we’ve heard in ages. Supremely limited seven inch that’ll go within days… Move fast!

Ah, rrrr kid, one of our favourite bands are back. With the CDs and vinyls safely stored in Davey Jones’s locker, Pete and the Pirates sail back into Pure Groove’s waters with the arrival of their debut long player. For 1.25 pieces of eight (or £10 as it’s better known *) you can own your own copy of Little Death to treasure, one of the finest slices of tight angular indie pop you’re likely to hear this year. Featuring the singles Knots and Mr Understanding, it’ll send a shiver (me timbers) up your spine.

* - Please note that the limited vinyl edition is 1.5 pieces of eight, or £12 if you don’t have any gold.

Q: where can you buy the best stuff?


The first ever Pure Groove Pop Quiz is this Tuesday - 19th February. It's at Slaughtered Lamb pub on 34-35 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0DX with a sharp 8pm start. Teams of five, so come on down and take on a variety of music heads! Prizes and exclusives on the night! See you there!







Go here for the event page.

See you there, brainboxes!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Pure Groove BLOGiTORIAL love-up.

Instore frenzy in Archway this week! We have Duke Spirit (more on this below), Lovvers on Monday 11th Feb, and Operator Please on Friday 15th Feb. Come down and bathe in the joy of free music at the Pure Groove!

Local heroes Duke Spirit arrive for a fabulous and exclusive instore to promote their new long player Neptune, which is a leap forward from their debut. We love this band, and as a special treat for their favourite shop, they kindly put together an exclusive mixtape to giveaway with the album. And like it’s some imaginary poker battle, we took their kind kind gift and raised them an instore DVD to add to the bundle. But the real winner is you, for you get the whole caboodle. £10 stake required however....
See you here tomorrow (Sat 9th Feb) 6pm.

Single of the week time! This is one to whet your appetite – a new band with a massive bite ready to eat up the competition. The Mouth have the key ingredients of a mighty rock’n’roll prospect – massive sound, bags of swagger and songs referencing streets full of pharmaceuticals, in this case Cocaine Lane, which we looked up on Google Maps. Couldn’t find it. In the wrong hands this could sound like the kind of annoying pub rock shambles that can ruin many a quiet Friday drink in the local, but these boys thankfully are all Mouth and all trousers. Good god, we can’t believe we just wrote that. Forgive us father!

It’s been a good few months for greasy men oiled up and jumping on each other for the crowd’s entertainment. But enough of our recent prison-themed parties... We’re talking the rebirth of wrestling! First Greco Roman launched a label with fab artwork featuring an ‘international sonic wrestler’ and a clubnight featuring a live wrestling ring! Second, Hot Chip dedicating a whole song on their recent album to it, called er… Wrestling. But local spandex crew Let’s Wrestle have piledrived the lot of them by naming their whole band after said event! Their debut mini long-player is our album of the week, and it’s something of a corker! Six tracks of riduclous, lo-fi punk with lashings of good times melodic pop fun, it’s as joyous as it is amusing. It may be wrestling, but it ain’t ropey… Sorry, we’ll get our leotards…

Check out a Let's Wrestle supercool lo-fi video:

Laura Marling’s album has been keeping us sane all week, it really is quite lovely. Two editions of this – normal CD version that comes in a CD box and contains a CD and CD sized paper inlay. Plays on CD players. Then there’s a beautiful box-set edition, that contains the normal CD version (that comes in a CD box etc etc) as well as a gig ticket, artwork and wee Laura herself, folded up like the gymnast in Oceans Eleven, who pops out and plays Ghosts for you and your family. Note: she doesn’t really. A gentle artist, one who quite clearly takes her craft extremely seriously, and at 17 years old we reckon she might well be the most significant musical find of the last 12 months.

Have you heard the Adam Kesher EP? It's totally frickin ace yknow? This is a four track EP of the purest, scratchiest, heartiest, loveliest indie-dancefloor action you’re likely to find. It’s on Lost in Paris it arrives on a big black disc of good vibes and basically it’s essential if you’re a fan of fun. Which most of us are. Grab it from us if you havnt already snapped one of those hot puppies up! Have a listen here.


ps- Check out a little snippet of the School Of Language instore:

and find yourself with all our upcoming events.

Friday, 1 February 2008

BLOGiTORIAL Pancake Week!

Pancakes, records, its all the same to us.

We’re not lion to you, this is one of the most exciting new acts of 2008. Super talented singer/producer Primary 1 celebrates his recent signing to Atlantic with a one-off single on Erol Alkan’s wonderful Phantasy Sounds, and Hold Me Down is a perfect slice of tight-leather trousered sleaze-funk that remains all the groove and charm of classic 80s boogie productions without sounding like backing music for The Wedding Singer. Backed with a cracking mix from hotly tipped The Shoes (check their debut single to pre-order on the Pure Groove site) and a couple of rubs from Yuksek.

No video for this song, so instead we have Horace's 1st year in primary school:


Right, they’re currently getting more press coverage than even Kevin Keegan, so not much can be said for Hot Chip’s newie Made In The Dark other than we’ve listened to it about a million times in the last week, and we can safely assure you that it’s a truly special record. It does take its time to absorb – the mix of influences is vast, often in one song, from soca carnival grooves to insane rave stabs, and the kaleidoscope of sounds can be a little too much on the first few listens. But they’re a band that isn’t just making a pop record that’ll sit nicely in the moment then vanish by summer, so give it your time and love. We’ve a free massive art print and a free copy of the album to the person who can give us the best thing that can be Made In The Dark. Send your answer to


MGMT (pronounced management) are currently doing big business in the States, and they’re certainly thinking outside the box with this diverse selection. Their creative team has melded a smidgeon of glam, a touch of 80s epic productions, and a love of the Stones, their finance team has brought in Dave Friedman to produce, and their distribution department has shipped these over to us from the States. Another from the never-ending line of fine New York bands; this empire is sure to expand across the globe in coming months.

We’re not going to milk the puns for this one, but it’s worth shelling out the bounty for Coconut Records, the musical project of one Jason Schwartzman, yup, Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew and star of Darjeeling Limited. So this Mr Tea has made a record huh? It’s got to be easy to line up and have a pop at this – he’s great looking, he’s the regular in Wes Anderson’s movies, and now he thinks he can make an album? Yeah, but then you check it out and realise it’s actually really good – especially as he used to be in Phantom Planet! Some tracks sound like Phoenix, some sound like Weezer, and it’s all sounding rather lovely.


We mentioned this a few weeks ago but we now have some even better news! Everyone that buys a ticket from Pure Groove will be entered into a draw for one lucky sod to win a pile of Modular goodies, including threads and records! That’s threads, not threats – the winner won’t get a selection of heavy breathing phonecalls, but they will get some nice clothes. Here’s the blurb again! Ever fancied sharing a hot tub with Herve, or doing a few lengths with WhoMadeWho? Or maybe you prefer your nightclubs to just have a sweaty floor full of people too attractive to possibly be real and loud woofers? Well, whatever you’re into, we suggest you get to the first Modular special party of 2008 at The Aquarium near Old Street tube in London. It’s on Feb 8th, it’ll be a late one and it has live bands and plenty of DJs… plus the venue has a swimming pool and hot tub! Quite how clean the water will be once 500 sweaty nutbags jump in after moshing around to Primary 1 live is open to question but hey, hygiene can easily be brushed aside in the pursuit of hedonism.


In other news, xx Teens have a new video:

and thats it!
We are off out. x

ps- check out our instores coming up- PURE GROOVE EVENTS

Friday, 25 January 2008


Pure Groove says:

Have you seen our video?

and we have a handy calendar now for all the stuff happening:

Album of the week comes in the shape of Steve Aoki’s amazing mixtape. Now you might not know who said spinner is but he’s the man behind the US label Dim Mak, the home of Whitey, Bloc Party, Klaxons and many more. It’s packed with more indie-electro smashers than is probably healthy – so far, so blogasphere-saturated run of the mill fodder. But Mr Aoki is a connected man and has managed to rope Uffie, Spank Rock, Kid Sister and many more to MC, sing, toast and generally misbehave over the top, making this a unique party slice of right now.

Check out a cheeky little vid:

The bell rings and it’s single of the week time! High ‘spirits’ for sure, for Laura Marling’s Ghosts is a record that is so extraordinarily good that it takes some time after the wee seven inch stops playing to fully return to normal. It makes us a bit weepy, in a good way, and we find we seem to be returning to it every second or third rotation in the shop, pulled in by its hypnotic charms. Looks nice too, as all her records have so far – no naff black and white snapshots here. A gentle artist, one who quite clearly takes her craft extremely seriously, and at 17 years old we reckon she might well be the most significant musical find of the last 12 months. Can’t wait for the album.

Adam Kesher is an unusual fella. Primarily because he’s actually several men, not just one. Yup, the most confusing band name since Keith doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a four track EP of the purest, scratchiest, heartiest, loveliest indie-dancefloor action you’re likely to find. It’s on Lost in Paris (although we doubt this gang get stuck in the City of Light too often – seeing as they’re from there!) it arrives on a big black disc of good vibes and basically it’s essential if you’re a fan of fun. Which most of us are.
(Like these kids:)

Also out in the long player game are the eagerly awaited debuts from These New Puritans and Vampire Weekend. The first comes packaged like an episode from Stargate, what with oddball number patterns and artwork that’s a little bit Aztec, but also a bit science fiction… "What’s your favourite number, what does it mean?" The band ask this on er… Numbers. And there’s a free copy of the album to the best answer to this question sent to

Vampire Weekend’s debut album takes a few listens (and good grief we’ve worn the CD player out) but it’s a mesmerising journey through four brainacs’ expansive record collections. Highlife flourishes collide with moments of ska and Tudorian string signatures – it basically should be the worst record ever made. Instead, it’s a kaleidoscope of musical influences that’s quite simply a joy from start to finish.

A-Punk Video directed by Hammer and Tongs!

Also out…

Hot Chip shape up for their amazing new album – we just heard it this week and it really is quite wonderful – with Ready For The Floor, Adele unveils her debut album straight after her single crashes the top five, Cobra Dukes release their second 12 with remixes from Optimo and hotly tipped Aeroplane, Yuksek unveils his latest EP showing he’s no one trick electro pony with a trio of future funk whoppers, Mai Shi show why they’re the most exciting American band since… er Vampire Weekend with their excellent Run To The Grave single, and Institubes is back with the latest Bobmo 10”.


Friday, 18 January 2008

PG BLOGiTORIAL TIME! 2008 Issue #2

It’s always a warm feeling when you open up a package mailed to us, expecting it to be DJ Dirty with a new promo of his track Dirty Beatz 4 Dirty Mindz (sic) which you’re all ready to donate to the bin, and it’s actually some DIY lo-fi recording from a band you’ve never heard of that you stick on and turns out to be absolutely fantastic. Hot Damn, that’s a great feeling. This is what happened this week, when a slender mailer arrived featuring a mini album from Brighton-based er… Hot Damn. It’s only £4, has four tracks on it, and is a joy – featuring all manner of Tortoise-esque post-rock twiddlings and oddball grooves. A treat. Get it here.

One More Grain’s new single is probably our most played in-shop track of the week; one of those nuggets that’s quite unlike anything you’ve heard for a while. With a nod to Arab Strap, The Fall, and er… Cinematic Orchestra (?!) it’s a bizarrely orated vocal sat aplomb a bed of beautifully warm drum ‘n’ brass (or jazz as it’s often known…) and it’s quite the treat. One listen and it’ll be lodged in your head. White Heat comes up trumps again. Grab it now.

Oh how we love Noah & The Whale!! We want them as an in-house band, playing at our whim daily, narrating our life. A reality that’s much similar to our dream awaits YOU; if you download these songs you can put them in your pocket like a mini-Noah & The Whale! This WILL improve your life.*

This comes with an EXCLUSIVE FREE TRACK (when you buy the bundle) ONLY FROM PURE GROOVE!! (only available from Monday).
We've got more than two copies coming onto this ark, in fact we've got loads! We're having a whale of a time listening to it! You'll sea what we mean....

Go to our myspace for a preview!

And download that bundle from Monday.

At Christmas time, we had some gigs in the ship, which we wittily called the Festive-Al. It was fantastic, and we’ll be doing it again in 11 months time. One of the bestest shows was the magnificent Domino night with Puregroove faves Lightspeed Champion and Eugene Mcguiness. Then Emmy The Great and Jeremy Warmsley played too! Lightspeed is the latest from this prodigious bunch to unveil an album, and it’s a whopper. Beautifully bleak lyrics, a fine selection of songs, and guest stars including Emmy – all good. Get yer mitts on it.

Don't forget this it TOMORROW:

Click it for event page.

It's a 1st come 1st serve basis, and the shop is small: You do the maths!
We are not monkeying around. This is going to go ape. Gorilla gig anyone!?!?

Out on 7” and 12”, Das Pop’s newie Fool For Love is the best thing out of Belgium since Soulwax, who are here producing their pals! The bigger disc has remixes from hot stuff Sebastian and Yuksek, the former being an absolute peach – all orchestral swayings and mucky French compressed house joy. The smaller sibling contains just the pop gem of the original and another little tune. All is fool of love when you hear this.
At the moment there’s no need to cry over Spilt Milk as we’ve still got copies of their winning seven inch in stock! A tune that skims past-your-eyes (skimmed… pasteurised, geddit?) in a blur of pure-pop goodness, it’s been lighting up the shop in these dark, winter nights. Like Los Campesinos and such masterful twee moments? But while it’s twee, this Milk certainly isn’t cheesy. You’ll love this dairy.

Also in… the lovely new single from Cass McCombs, the Love Is All remix album that features Optimo and Metronomy on knob twiddling duties among others, the new Toddla T single with more bottom-end than J-Lo and also features the best Count Of Monte Crystal and Sinden remix in ages, the new Kitsune compilation is rather wonderful and features all manner of exclusives, the Adele single you’re no doubt aware of, and the Cat Power album is a collection of lovely cover versions. Check it all here.

Love from Pure Groove. x

[ *We cannot guarantee your life will improve, only your record collection. The rest is up to you mate. ]

Friday, 11 January 2008

BLOGiTORIAL '08 style

OK, The big news is that we’ve got the mighty Diamond Hoo Ha Men playing next weekend. Who are they we hear you cry?! Well, it’s Gaz and Danny from Supergrass, who’ll be playing a frenetic set of old classics, new classics, and classics from a time that’s in between. So if you want to go out, you’ll find it’ll be more than alright, and pumping on the stereo will be a fine selection of hits to get you moving. Come on down for the party of the year! There’s even going to be a dancing gorilla in a suit going ape! We’re not monkeying around! Saturday 19th January at 4pm. YEAH 4pm OK?

Check em:
Diamond Hoo Ha Men Are Coming (Teaser #2)

We have loads of instores in Feb!
How about…

Feb 7th - School Of Language (Field Music side project) - 6.30pm

Feb 9th - Duke Spirit - album launch... - 6pm start

Feb 15th - Operator Please - single launch - 6.30pm start

Feb 16th - Let's Wrestle - ep launch - 4pm start

Feb 28th - Pete And The Pirates - album launch - 6.30pm

March 12th - Josh Weller (acoustic) - single launch - 6.30pm

ALL FREE. Come say hello. Fraid there’ll be no mulled wine like the Christmas instores, but we will provide smiles, shelter and sunny vibes.

Single of the week comes from Cocosuma, the slickest, smoothest, sexiest French band since St Ettiene. Who weren’t even from France – they were from Archway! But if you like the dulcet tones of said band, and the hazy indie of bands like The Sundays and Mazzy Star, then check this lot out – it’s a beautifully sleek record that makes me close my eyes and imagine I’m strolling down a Parisian back alley with my new girlfriend Bridgette, as we saunter in and out of clothing boutiques revelling in our cross-channel love affair. Then the 271 bus zaps past and sprays filthy rain water over me and I’m back in N19 on a pissing wet evening. One of our faves of recent times, this is a Puregroove exclusive! Enjoy. I’m off home to dry off.

Give it a listen at our myspace!

See them here being live:

Album of the week time people! In our expensive consumerist times, the concept of cost has become totally blurred. People think a CD at £10 yet might change their life yet is a lot, while £3 for a coffee somehow seems excellent value. However, with Across The Pennines compilations, even the most ardent crapacino fan might be swayed into finding value in music. For these CDs come in at £2! Which admittedly might get you a 1/3 share of a muffin in a high street coffee shop, but you should buy this instead. For it has Elle S’Appelle, Answering Machine, Headlines and Dead Disco among others! All good!

As always, check our myspace for a cheeky sample!

Oh, and our friends at Tough Love Records have given us a special remixed version of The Sequins to give you FOR FREE. The mix is by Rubicks and it’s of former single Catholic Guilt. It can be downloaded at this link.

Ever fancied sharing a hot tub with Herve, or doing a few lengths with WhoMadeWho? Or maybe you prefer your nightclubs to just have a sweaty floor full of people too attractive to possibly be real and loud woofers? Well, whatever you’re into, we suggest you get to the first Modular special party of 2008 at The Aquarium near Old Street tube in London. It’s on Feb 8th, it’ll be a late one and it has live bands and plenty of DJs… plus the venue has a swimming pool and hot tub! Quite how clean the water will be once 500 sweaty nutbags jump in after moshing around to Primary 1 live is open to question but hey, hygiene can easily be brushed aside in the pursuit of hedonism.

Tickets available here.


That's all for now, folks.

See ya on the 19th.