Friday, 14 December 2007

BLOGiTORIAL 4 - with Xmas present included.

Bands dem good:

Munch Munch. Wedding EP. 7" / Download.

Now regular readers (are there any of you?!!!) will know that we’re massive fans of a cheap seats pun here, and rarely miss an opportunity to crowbar in some absolute stinkers in what is meant to be a music editorial. So when we voted on having Munch Munch – The Wedding as single of the week, you could almost see the monkeys start hammering on the typewriters inside our tiny, easily amused, minds. So why not chew on this mouthful of shoddy ways of describing how wonderful this record really is. It gobbles up everything else this week, bringing a marriage of musical ingredients that’s got the experimentalism of Heston Blumenthal, the sex appeal of Anthony Worral Thompson – just kidding! we mean Nigella Lawson…honest, and the pucka power of Jamie Oliver. Anyway, it’s one of the best things we’ve heard in ages – and if this lot keep writing tunes as half as good as this in 2008, then they’ll be no way of separating it from your stereo. A blissful union of all that’s good in modern guitar music.

Hear a sample of the EP at our myspace, yo!

Check out those nutso guys in action:

Kitsune Maison Vol 5. 12" out now.

Also making us run around the streets punching the air and hugging strangers – this is what people do in Archway – is the tiny amount of super upfront vinyl promos of Kitsune Maison 5. Literally a handful of these badboys, and naturally the fastest cats in town will be the ones to grab ‘em. Are you a fast cat? Prove it! It’s packed with all sorts of weird and wonderful tings from beat meddlers uch as Alan Braxe – who turns in a Timbaland-esque stomper, Teenagers, Late Of The Pier, MIA and Digitalism. You’ll be 11.8% cooler with this in your collection.

Click here to get yours.

Public Service Broadcast. 5quid CD for 22 tracks!

Compilations; they can bless you with music that you had no idea existed; sounds that enrich your life and lead you off down thrillingly new and exciting tangents. And Public Service Broadcast Nine is packed with all sorts of bits that have pricked up our ears. It’s not consistently amazing, but with 22 tracks for a fiver, there’s more than enough to justify your moonah. Take House of Brothers for instance – it’s ace and still relatively unknown; take Tiger Force for example – OK, we’re biased but Beat This is still the best clapping song since Clapping Song; take Holy Fuck as case in point – one of the bands of 2007 and you get a song here that’s not on their mesmeric debut album (one of our top 10s of the year chart fans). So you can’t really complain (unless you name is Ebeneezer Scooge and you’ve not yet been visited by otherworldly spirits pointing out that you’re Scooge and you’ve not yet been visited by otherworldly spirits pointing out that you’re a rude fucker and that you should maybe cheer up). Album of the week!!!

Click here for the details!

Also out: Hadouken - Not Here To Please You (USB), Lady Fortune - 12 O Clock, Nearly 1 O Clock, Hurry Up, Crystal Castles - Air War - Seven Inch, Marquis Cha Cha Special Offer – Cheap Bundles!, Marina And The Diamonds - Mermaid Vs Sailor, Ice Sea Dead People - Hence Elvis, Crystal Castles vs HEALTH - Crimewave / Xxzxcuze Me.

More Pure Groove videos are up:

Nice huh?

and last but not least. Our Xmas Present to you, the Pure Groove Festiv-al:

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See you HERE. x

ps- check out this for a larf- Rave Generator.

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Unlixes said...

Whatever happened to Electro? Or 7"s. Or something. I'm sure there used to be another section that I now am not seeing. Anyway, did I miss your Things Of The Year rundown? I've got a sweepstake on Untrue being left out of four lists, in total.

Good work on the puns, though. To be honest that's the main reason I read. Such good, good puns.