Friday, 30 November 2007


Word to your mothers.

Here is the juice:

JOSE VANDERS. Transactional Language. CD / Download.

Now her official T-shirts tell us that Jose Vanders Is Nang. Just how nang is Jose Vanders though? We’ll tell you. Very nang. So nang in fact that her debut mini-album is our nangest album of the week. Just what are we talking about? Jose Vanders that’s who! Oh… you’ve heard of her, you’re meaning what the ‘ell is all this nang shizzle that we’re chatting? Well let Puregroove be not only your guardian of new music but a guide to what the kids are muttering about behind your back. Nang means bad and bad means good, so what we’re clumsily saying is that Jose Vanders is ace! A real star in the making, we’ve already shipped boxes of these all over the world – it’s clear that people around the globe are sensing a future superstar! Album of the week!


This jose video below, that WE made yeah, ALSO acts as an album sampler. Are we clever?

. We Know All About You. Limited 7"

Single of the week goes to the scary sounding Ebony Bones. And the music is equally ominous – we’re calling it voodoo pop. We Know All About You could well become the theme music to Britain, what us being in a civil liberty-smashing CCTV culture (ooh ooh bit of political satire….) and for all we know it might be about that. Tricky to find out for sure as we’re too busy dancing around the shop high-fiving each other about just how freekin’ funky this record is. A splash of Basement Jaxx, a dash of ESG, a smidgeon of Nina Simone and a whipping of DFA magic – all stirred together and turned into 7 inches of pure evil pop joy. One of our fave singles of the year for sure.


Ebony Bones on the brilliant Liveroom TV:

HOLY HAIL. Big Guns – Limited to 100 12" vinyl!

Holy Hail Batman! What the hell is it this time Robin? Well Batman, I was just looking on Puregroove’s website and I found these two awesome releases by New York hot stuff Holy Hail! Well add it to your cart then cos we need something to bump in the Batmobile to seduce hot Batgirls! Pow! Now this conversation might or might not have happened but what definitely happened is that a 7” arrived from the wonderful Adventures Close To Home label, and that another 12” arrived from America. Amazing that a record can swim so far but heck, it wanted to be in Puregroove! Fab and mega groovy dancefloor alt-guitar doesn’t come any better.



THAT FUCKING TANK. Limited 7" picture disk with DVD!

Now we’re f@#king massive fans of swearing; it’s big, it’s clever and it means we can still chat to the kids, seeing as most little scrotes are experts in it by the age of four. Hold on, we’ve just endorsed swearing and then took a swipe at the entire of youth for using cursive language. Maybe we’re onto something here in terms of solving social problems.
Anyway, That Fu@@ing Tank are a band that like noise as much as expletives and their new record contains enough sonic power to finish off an injured animal. But not only is the record fab, it’s probably the coolest picture disc we’ve seen this month. Plus, you get a DVD of extra footage from their European tour. Which makes you the luckiest sod in town and your neighbour the unluckiest.

DVD trailer:

(its not as scary/sexual as that still clip looks.)


Bearsuit - Foxy Boxer, Middleman - Good To Be Back, Royworld – Elasticity, Bridge Gang - London Sky Tonight/Sarah’s Brother, I Blame Coco - I Blame Coco, Love Ends Disaster – Suzanne, Stuffy / The Fuses - Metal Queen Theme, Miranda Lee Richards – Lifeboat, The New Royal Family - Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive?, Big Face - I Wanna Be A Style Crusader, Kid Harpoon - First EP – CD, Todosantos - Acid Girlzz EP - Plus Free 3D Glasses And DVD, Various - Ze Records Xmas Reloaded 2004.


unfortunately I WAS A CUB SCOUT have had to postpone their gig - hopefully we'll have them in early 2008 for their album.

all free entry - come on down! There is going to be an extra special free gift for all Puregroove customers featuring the bands too! More soon!

Next week we'll be revealing the PURE GROOVE ALBUMS OF THE YEAR! and keep an eye out for other very special news and stuff.

Until then: spin some records, and download your face off. x

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