Friday, 23 November 2007

Pure Groove Blogitorial 1

YO! This is our 1st Mailout/Blog/news/editorial. Lets call it a BLOGATORIAL, shall we? All release info/ audio clips / videos and dirt dishing you will find within these pages. Read on.

THOMAS TANTRUM. Shake It Shake It. 7" / download.

Single of the week! Thomas Tantrum’s 2nd single has taken almost a year to materialise but we’re not going to sulk. Especially when it’s as joyous a winter ditty as Shake It Shake It is. Singer Megan has one of those voices that sticks out like a bodypopping nun on the morning bus, although thankfully it’s much more soothing and much less distressing than said breakdancing member of the cloth might be. A masterfully controlled blues voice caressing one of the best indie-pop ditties of the year, and it works a treat.



There is no video for the new Thomas Tantrum single. So instead here is a video of a kid called Thomas, who is having a Tantrum-

EMMY THE GREAT. Gabriel. 7" / download

Oh how we love Emmy. Back with her third single, Gabriel is as hauntingly beautiful as Miss The Great’s previous work. In a world where singer-songwriters are as plentiful as milk and honey, it takes something special to stand out as more than just a bod with a guitar strapped to their chest and a chain of bad relationships to whinge about. And Emmy is one of a small handful of such souls who genuinely give you the tingles when you hear their songs.


The mp3 comes with a free live track!

She’s coming in the shop at Christmas to play some of her hits as well as a festive number or two. Monday 17th December for that show (Kid Harpoon is joining us too!), while RIGHT NOW is when you can order the single. To whet your appetite, check this footage of her instore show from a few months back. This makes us pretty special right? This song is Easter Parade-

Emmy The Great myspace.


IPSO FACTO. Harmonise. 7" only.

They played the VICE 5th birthday party last night to rapturous acclaim – a massively packed audience (all chasing the free beer but no doubt pleased to hear such an impressive show from a new band) screaming out for the Horrors’ new besssie fwends. Who we chatting ‘bout? Ipso Facto that’s who. You might not know who they are yet but it won’t be long before you’re chiselling your barnet into a similarly unique shape. For this lot look as good as they sound – you can see why the Strange House fellas love em’ so much.

Ipso Facto. Harmonise video-

Ipso Facto myspace.

Munch Munch. Wedding EP. Download.

Another brand new addition to Pure Groove Digital is the amazing Wedding EP by the amazing Munch Munch. Recently featured on the David Shrigley Comp on Tomlab, this band could change the way you see the world. Trip-out to thier new tracks at our myspace.and you can download the tracks NOW.

Munch Munch noise room video:


Filthy Dukes are familiar names to anyone that likes a drink and a boogie in London (which is quite a few folk) having run numerous clubnights around the capital. The Barfly, Fabric, Lock Tavern – all rooms that have been ripped to shreds by the tag-team’s deadly DJ mixes. A few remixes followed, most notably their legendary Rakes rework and now the pair (now in fact a trio since joined by production whiz kid Mark Ralph) are about to unveil their first body of work under their own name. Debut single This Rhythm is a corking nu-romo electronic groover that features the vox of one Samuel Dust from Late Of The Pier. Can’t wait to hear the album, and we’re predicting that they’ll soon be global megastars jetting all over the globe sipping champagne and hanging out with Kanye. But they’ll still have time to pop into their fave local record shop. Which is Puregroove!

Also out…

Dead Kids - Fear And Fluoride, The Broken Hearts - Black Cat / Blanco, Good Shoes - Small Town Girl (Two Discs), Friends Of The Bride - So You Think You Can Dance?, The Steps Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons, Champion Kickboxer – Candlepower, The Xcerts - Just Go Home, Napoleon IIIrd - In Debt To - Signed Copies, I Blame Coco - I Blame Coco. <---- this is a big seller, & limited so SNOOZE & YOU LOOZE!

In early next week… Ebony Bones – We Know All About You, Chemical Brothers – Battlescars (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Mix), Klaxons - As Above So Below (Justice Mix/French Version), Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Limited Repress), Foals - Balloons,Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man - Motherhood / Fatherhood, Kotki Dwa - Robin's Clogs, Adam Kesher - Happy Vandals EP, Various - Public Service Broadcast 9 (feat Holy Fuck / Tiger Force etc.)


One more video? Jose Vanders live here and at In The City Manchester. LOADS more footage coming soon.

We got LOTS of exclusive videos.Tune in and dont touch that dial.

So Yeah! Come speak to us, come get involved. For the love of God please buy some records! Love you!

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